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For our current contact lens wearers,

One day disposable contact lenses are becoming an increasingly popular modality of contact lens wear. Having a fresh lens daily typically provides the most comfort right up to the end of the day. We are finding these lenses to be the safest and healthiest option for your eyes. The cost is reasonable, amounting to about $1 per day, and the savings of eliminating solutions is significant.

We would like to give our patients with a current contact lens prescription (less than 1 year old) who wear single vision spherical lenses (not toric lenses for astigmatism or bifocal lenses, and not currently wearing one day lens) a 10-day free trial!

Just call our office to arrange the pickup of your free contact lenses.

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We now have the Bruder Eye Hydrating Mask for dry eyes.

When microwaved, the client natural moist heat goes to work immediately to provide soothing relief.

The heated Eye Hydrating mask helps stabilize the tear film, improves oil gland function and slows tear evaporation.

The Bruder Mask is very easy to use. You simply place the mask in the microwave for 20 secionds, apply the mask over closed yes and moist heat goes to work immediately.

The warm heat is very soothing and relaxing

Cost is only $25 (considerably less than online).

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